Are The 1 Bedroom Apartments Lawrence KS Has To Offer A Good Idea?

Are the 1 bedroom apartments Lawrence KS has to offer a good idea for you to rent? It’s not a simple question to answer, as there are many pros and cons that go into this. If you’re facing the looming decision of where to live coming up soon in this Kansas community, then keep reading to learn the benefits and drawbacks that are potential to living in a single-bedroom rental apartment so you have some idea what to expect:

Pro) You Pay All The Bills: You set the thermostat to whatever temperature you want and order the cable, satellite, or Internet package that works for you without having to argue or compromise.

Con) You Pay All The Bills: You have no one to share your utilities with. Every bill that shows up in your mailbox or message center is your responsibility, from start to finish.

Pro) You’re Alone: You can lay out the furniture however you like, be messy, stay up late, make noise, and bring home whoever you want. You don’t even have to split up cabinet space or fridge shelves.

Con) You’re Alone: There’s no one to talk to at the end of the day unless you’re splitting your bedroom with a romantic partner.

Pro) It’s The Cheapest Option: 1-bedroom apartments are typically going to have lower monthly rent than their 2- and 3-bedroom cousins, which means you might save money if you were going to rent a bigger place on your own.

Con) Or Is It? On the other hand, the rental cost per square foot of a single-bedroom unit might actually be on par with the averages of other apartments, if not even higher, so if you’re looking for the most bang for the buck, do the math.

Pro) They’re Easy To Find: Many apartment complexes have single-bedroom apartments in some of the tinier corners of their properties in order to get more rental streams per building. Also check with landlording or property management agencies that might be renting out one-bedroom units that are in smaller properties or even residential homes that have converted spaces in their basements, above their garage, detached guest homes, or even what was once a mother-in-law suite.

Con) You Might Have To Wait: Finding single-bedroom apartments might be easy enough, but you might also discover there just aren’t that many of them. Be prepared to be put on a waiting list, and make sure what you’re looking at is actually a single-bedroom unit and not a studio, unless of course you’re okay with a studio apartment.

Now that you have read this article, you know the pros and cons of the various 1 bedroom apartments Lawrence KS has to offer renters in the local market. Only you can know which pros and cons are truly important to you, and so only you can weigh the factors to determine which options could prove a good fit for you.

As you shop the available selections, make sure you visit at least three possibilities to gauge the options available to you to start finding a better deal than not, and make sure you read the fine print of any lease before you sign it and move in.